The Body and Power

22 September–17 November 2013

Maria Meusburger-Schäfer, “Nackt”
Maria Meusburger-Schäfer, “Nackt”

The exhibition throws light on the artistic group c/o:K formed by Peter Assmann, Andreas Egger, Martin Egger, Ulrich Fohler, Ursula Guttmann, Holger Jagersberger, Maria Meusburger, Markus Riebe, Isa Stein, Andreas Strohhammer and Enrique Tomás, who interact through site-specific installations with the monumental collection of works by Vincenzo Vela, reflecting on the relationship between power and bodily expression. Elucidated through the use of multimedia, in addition to the social body, the exhibition will focus on the mechanisms of contemporary bodily communication.
The artists are energised above all by a human and physical alliance that offers them the opportunity to contrast one another from their individual generational situation and different media perspectives from within the essence of their poetics. Sharing a common artistic and human experience that explores the nature of the body, clothing, sickness and design, they do not feel the need to subject their work to a prescribed programme but prefer to interact freely wherever they might be operating, like a group of freestyle skiers or jazz musicians.

The exhibition will thus take the form of a long-running jam session that has been marked by certain key moments of work construction, such as the residencies at the Museo Vincenzo Vela over the last two years and the workshop in Linz in January 2013 with the curators.


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