Vincenzo Vela (1820–1891). Themes and studies in comparison

Museo Vincenzo Vela
Ligornetto (Switzerland)
25–26 August 2023

Vincenzo Vela (1820–1891), one of the most significant mid-nineteenth-century interpreters of sculpture, carved out an intense career between Switzerland and Italy. A few years after celebrating the bicentenary of his birth (2020), an anniversary that Museo commemorated with a large-scale exhibition, the federal institution is organizing an international symposium. Academics, art historians and young researchers with varied backgrounds will share new insights that have emerged from their recent studies and topical issues of contemporary relevance, such as the significance of public monuments today, will be dealt with. The interdisciplinary exchange around the oeuvre and artistic legacy of Vincenzo Vela will take place between young and renowned scholars with whom the museum has engaged in long-standing prolific relations of both a scientific and a personal nature.



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