Your Event in the Museum

Museo Vincenzo Vela rents its premises for lectures, photography exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, gatherings and private events with a maximum of 100 participants. The outdoor area, which includes a covered porch and pavilions in the park, is also suitable for aperitifs and standing dinners.

The museum halls in the historic Villa Vela and the surrounding park are usually used for art exhibitions, concerts, movie nights, lectures and other cultural events. However, it is possible for both organisations and private persons to rent these premises for special events. With an area of approximately 100 square meters they can comfortably host up to one hundred guests. The already existing technical equipment (beamer, podium with a microphone, audio system and more) enables the screening of videos or the arrangement of small theatre and dance performances.

Two spacious pavilions can be placed in the museum park to host a large number of guests at aperitifs or standing dinners. At all times, even outside the opening hours of the museum, there is present a receptionist who opens and closes the premises and a staff member responsible for logistical matters as well as the operation of the technical equipment.

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